How Being Bilingual Helped Me in Video Marketing


Extremely grateful that my childhood environment allowed me to grow up to be effectively bilingual.

I studied in 'ang mo pai' Catholic schools for 12 years of my life.

Why 12? Pri and sec school education is only 10 years.

Yes, even my kindergarten is English focused Catholic establishment.

My parents chose this not because of religion (we weren't Catholic at that time), nor was it because of the perceived language advantage.

It was simply because the schools were near and convenient enough to where we stayed. 😅

My Chinese language skill was above the average of my peers because my godma/caretaker then was chinese educated and tutored me in writing and reading of the language even though it was not the focus in schools at that time.

She made sure I got into 'Higher Chinese' in primary school and got my mum to sign me up for Chinese speech & drama outside of school.

All these set me on a path of being able to comfortably speak, read and write in Chinese.

All while growing up in an era where my secondary school implemented a fine if we were caught not speaking English. 🀄 🈲


This has put me at an advantage throughout my career as I was able to connect better with my staff from China and later on in my training work, be able to communicate and connect with Chinese educated towkays.

I was also able to handle a project working with Alibaba because my language abilities gave me an edge.

These language skills have also allowed me to be able to learn from both Chinese and Western markets about the online commerce space and to then synthesise it into content applicable to the local market, offering practical help to local businesses.

The mandarin speaking business community is an oft-neglected group in digital training that I really feel for. They are often 'accused' of being stubborn and not keeping up with the times but the reality is that many of them want to learn about digital marketing or e-commerce in a market which teaches most of such courses in English due to the strong Western influence we have.

And now combining this with my passion for video, I'm extremely grateful and glad to be able to help local businesse with bespoke training to meet their learning needs and hands on after course support.

#supportlocal #帮帮头家们